Casos de uso

abril 8, 2008

Do livro “UML Destilada” do barbudo Martin Fowler:

Diagramas de caso de uso são índices…

The best way to think of a use case diagram is that it’s a graphical table of contents for the use case set.

Essa é a melhor:

The UML includes other relationships between use cases beyond the simple includes, such as «extend». I strongly suggest that you ignore them. I’ve seen too many situations in which teams can get terribly hung up on when to use different use case relationships, and such energy is wasted. Instead, concentrate on the textual description of a use case; that’s where the real value of the technique lies.

Eu mesmo já perdi muito tempo pensando se eu deveria usar include ou extend, o pior é quando perde-se tempo discutindo qual relacionamento é melhor para uma situação X!


You don’t have to write all the detail down; verbal communication is often very effective, particularly within an iterative cycle in which needs are quickly met by running code.

É bom lembrar disso quando for preencher templates de casos de uso. Numa dessas, é mais eficiente resolver na palavra falada.